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Technical Support - Fair Use Policy

Updated 8/1/23

Unless otherwise stated on your original software invoice, Oak Bay technical support terms reflect a 60 day support period (the "support period") for all products except Water Solutions Lite Free Version which has no Support period, Water Solutions Lite Paid Version which has a 20 day support period and replacement disks which have 10 days installation support, commencing on your invoice date. During your support period technical support will be provided at no charge Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Pacific Time (Except Holidays and Wednesdays). Oak Bay Technologies, Inc. is not obligated to provide technical support beyond the end of your support period.

To qualify the user must:

  • Be Using a Supported Operating System - We can only provide support to users with Windows PCs because Water Solutions (all versions) has been designed for Windows only. Support is not provided to users with Mac computers even if Windows is installed on the machine. To check if your system is supported see our System Requirements.
  • Be Internet Connected -Your computer or workstation will need high speed Internet connectivity so that we may use a remote desktop application to help resolve program issues.
  • Be Reasonably Computer Literate-Any user who is not reasonably computer literate, and does not know the basics of how to use or navigate an operating system and use a web browser, really should be using the professional services of a computer technician. Technical Support does not mean Free Computer Training!

Be reasonably competent in basic accounting principals and practices. Any user who is not reasonably familiar with bookkeeping/accounting principals and procedures should be using the professional service of a bookkeeper or CPA. Technical Support does not mean Free accounting lessons!

  • Show Reasonable Initiative to Solve the Problem. Water Solutions includes extensive information in the printed and .pdf version Program User's Guide supplied with your purchase. Additionally, our web site offers a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. These tools explain in detail how Water Solutions should be used. If you get stuck and don't know how to move forward, please make sure you have a look at the Guide, FAQ's and reademe.txt resources FIRST.
  • Not Use Our Tech Support for General Computer Problems.-We only give support for the installation and operation of Water Solutions. Not for other computer software or hardware problems. Please note that Free Technical Support does not cover:
    • Network installations, virtual machines and unsupported operating systems.
    • Custom development, such as macros or Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) customization, specialized reports etc. .
    • Support for any third-party software integration such as ODMA, OLE, Dropbox etc.
    • Installation issues caused by non-Oak Bay Technologies software conflicts or hardware issues (computer, printer or other equipment) .
    • Data conversions or importation of data except for AMR meter specific data required to calculate customer bills.
    • The loss of customer data due to computer failure, failure to properly back up program data or user error.

Please Note: No Technical Support is available past your support period or for program installation.