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Oak Bay Technologies, Inc. provdes feature rich quality software at affordable prices

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Water Solutions Professional Plus NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Water Solutions Professional is an Affordable Solution to Small PUD and Community Water System Billing.  No more spreadsheets, manual calculations or mail merging.

Water Solutions - Professional provides all the basic and advanced features necessary for your water / sewer utility or small community water district to effectively manage and bill its customers. Included is the ability to do billing for two additional user defined items like trash or even apartment or trailer space rental. 

No predetermined maximum number of customers supported.

The Plus determines what additional modules are included e.g. Water Solutions Pro Plus Palm includes software that interfaces with a Palm PDA.


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Water Solutions Lite - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Water Solutions Lite is the perfect solutions for the very small community or rural water system. The free version will bill for 20 customers while the paid version will bill up to 50 customers. Water Solutions Lite offers all the basic features to successfully manage your small water system and customers.

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Water Rate Calculator NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Are you sure you are charging the correct amount for water? If you are not, Oak Bay Technologies is offering a FREE water rate calculator program for your use.

The Water Rate Calculator asks 4 groups of questions and will then calculate the basic and per unit charge for your water utility to break even. Download it today!