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Rate Calculator - An easy to use tool for determining small system water or sewer rates.

Rate Calculator reduces the tedious work to determine water or sewer rates down into five easy steps.


A larger view is available by clicking on the image.
Step 1. Enter your utility name, number of customers and the amount of water you expect to deliver or waste water to treat.
Step 2. Enter your capital configuration. Such things as pumps, wells or other equipment, their replacement cost and their remaining life.
Step 3. Enter wages, salaries, taxes and benefits for each person who directly or indirectly work on the system.
Step 4. Enter your expenses such as lab testing, telephone, insurance etc. Rate Calculator will even recommend a reserve fund amount for you.
Step 5. Choose the type of system you have; Metered or un-Metered.

Step 6. review the recommended rates.

Rate Calculator prints 5 different reports.

Price - Free if you download it, $45.00 if you want a disk.

System Requirements:

200 MHz + Processor
200 MB free Hard Disk Space
32 MB Ram
800 x 600 Video
Keyboard Mouse etc.
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP